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ACCOMMODATION  of Apartments Spila

Directly on the coast just 30 m away from the main local beach, 30 m from a small beach called "Spila", and 20 meters from our beach in front of the building  are located apartment accommodation "Spila"

Spila in their offer has 9 apartments with 3 stars. All apartments are with balcony and sea view, tastefully decorated and equipped with satellite TV and ventilators, and 3 suites are air-conditioned. They have a kitchen block and a fridge with freezer. Of this, 2 apartment studio 2 +1, 4 apartments 2 +2 and 2 apartments 4 +2, each apartment is provided by 1 parking place in the shade of the building.

The tradition of tourism:

Fishing Vineyards Family Carić Beljakov is the only autochthonous family with continuous series of generations to live in John Dolac.

In this family beginnings of tourism starts at 1965. when fishing in small fishing house hosting the tour boats from town of Hvar with tourists-visitors preparing their fish dinner with local wine, and the following year they began work on the construction of 6 rooms for accommodation of tourists, and that s how it started...

Family Carić already 1969. has a first accommodation capacity of 6 bedrooms with a bathroom and a small restaurant and the surrounding terrain is suited for camping tourism united on behalf of the „Pansion Barba TONKO“. Already during the late 70's and early 80's pansion"Barba Tonko" has a capacity of more than 40 beds, restaurant and excursion boat for 20 people.

  What does "Spila“ means?

Spila is cadastral site and is named after a small cave above the small beach which is located east of the building "Spila". A family company founded by Jurica Carić as follower of the former part of the business "Barba Tonko" after retirement Jurica Carić under his son, Anthony(Antun) Caric. We are proud of the long 40 year tradition of tourism and hospitality as well as centuries-old tradition of wine making and fishing.