How to reach us

If you are coming for the first time by us or on the island of Hvar, please carefully read and print this article, and you keep it at hand eg your visit ...!!

The largest number of tourists coming Ivan Dolac own cars. There are two ferry lines that connect the mainland Hvar: Split - Stari Grad and Drvenik - Sucuraj. Ferry can be found at or direct phone +385 21 338333.

RECOMMEND comfortable for short trips and ferry lines from Split to Stari Grad

Whether you arrive by ferry to the Stari Grad, you are still only 21 kilometers from Ivan Dolac. After leaving the ferry turn left towards the village of Jelsa. To Jelsa 12 km, but do not enter the city, but turn right at the second large crossroads and follow signs Pitve-Zavala-Ivan Dolac There are 9 km. Path takes you places narrow and winding island road through vineyards and olive groves and the picturesque village redesigned Pitve unique to the tunnel which connects north and south side of Hvar.

Port in Sucuraj a closer relationship with Drvenik on the mainland, but the farther from Ivan Dolac as it is on the other side of the island. But this time it saves time to tourists coming from Dubrovnik.

Whether you arrive by ferry in Sućuraj, continue to drive the very bad road to Jelsa, to which has 53 km. Do not turn the city of Jelsa, but after you pass it, turn left towards John Dolac (9 km) to the tunnel. Pay attention to the rules of driving through the tunnel.

Although someone passing through a tunnel dug in solid rock can be seem like passing through hell - in the end it is actually waiting for paradise.

How to find us in Ivan Dolac?

When you reach the table with the sign Ivan Dolac, continue to drive 300 m to the village, by the phone buth turn downhill to the left, continue to drive 100m and by Market "Dalmacija" (with your left) turn immediately right, continue driving towards the sea, after 80 meters turn and after 30 m you find our parking lot. Find us on the bottom side parking. Or after turning the market continue to drive up to the shoreline 100 m, turn right at the big beach 30 m, our Bistro-Restourant "Spila“ where we will meet you and assist you with parking and accommodation.

Useful information for drivers:

If you come to Croatia in their own car, for entering the country and driving it is necessary to have a valid driver's license, proper vehicle registration document and green card insurance.

Toll is charged on all highways, some semi-highways and some bridges. All information on tolls can be found at:

According to the Croatian traffic drives on the right.
Required the use of seat belts.
It is forbidden to use mobile phone while driving.
Maximum permitted level of alcohol in the blood is 0.0 ‰.
Lights must be turned on and the required per day.

Speed limit:

· Populated areas: 50 km / h

· Outside built-up areas: 80 km / h

· Roads exclusively for motor vehicles: 100 km / h

· Highways and semi-motorways: 130 km / h

Petrol stations are open 7:00 to 20:00 hours.
Summer are generally open, and to 22.00 hours.
A number of petrol stations is from 0.00 to 24.00 hours.

Information on the state highway network and on them you will receive:

All technical support and any additional information about events on Croatian roads of 0-24 hours gives you the Croatian Automobile Club (HAK): tel. (01) 4640 800 and (01) 4554 433 or


There are two ferry ports on the island, to the Old Town and Sucuraj. Port in the Old Town has an excellent relationship with Split, a car ride from the port of Stari Grad to John Dolac is only 20 minutes.
Port in Sucuraj a closer relationship with Drvenik on the mainland, but the farther from John Dolac as it is on the other side of the island. But this time it saves time to tourists coming from Dubrovnik.
Petrol pump station for cars in Jelsa, which is 15 min. by car from John Dolac.
Information about ferry schedules can be found on pages Jadrolinije.
Additional information can be on site Croatian Highways


The nearest bus station is in Split ( and next to the ferry port. Split has excellent bus connections to all bus routes in Europe.


All major cities in Croatia is connected by rail. Croatia has direct connections with Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Serbia and Montenegro, and indirect connections with almost all European countries. The closest train station to Hvar, Split ( This station is right next to the bus station and ferry port.

Here are some useful tips on travel to the island of Hvar in Croatia. The easiest way to Hvar depends on which direction you are traveling and arrival.
If traveling by car, bus or train, make sure you get in or Drvenik Split in central Dalmatia, where you can continue by ferry. Ferries sail from Split to Stari Grad (transports cars) to Jelsa (catamaran), and for the city of Hvar (catamaran).

From the place Drvenik (south of Makarska ferry carrying cars Sućuraj sail for the island of Hvar.
Ferry lines Split - Stari Grad (Hvar) and Drvenik - Sućuraj (Hvar) sails every day, and catamarans (hydrofoil) on the line Split - Split Jelsa - Hvar.
There are seasonal and international routes from Italy, Ancona - Hvar and Pescara - Hvar, and the coastal line from Rijeka to Dubrovnik, which stops in Hvar.
More information about the order of sailing and ferries, see the section "Ferries to Hvar"

If traveling by plane, the nearest international airports are Split, Brac and Dubrovnik airports, where you can take bus, taxi or rent a way to continue the Emperor ferry to Split or Drvenik.

No matter how you come, you will undoubtedly experience a sea journey to the island. When you see the island and begin to enjoy its beauty. you'll know that the trip worth it.
Airports in Split and Dubrovnik are closest to the island of Hvar. Dubrovnik is Drvenika (ferry Drvenik Sucuraj) approximately 100km. Buses from Dubrovnik to Split or Drvenika drive very often (in season every half hour), or you can take a rent a car or taxi.

Airport Split is the ferry port in Split, 30 minutes away, connected to mini buses and taxi. From there you can continue your journey to Hvar by ferry, catamaran / hydrofoil to Stari Grad, Jelsa and Hvar town.